Thursday, February 16, 2006 by Ospite.

So on my way home tonight I decided to stop into my favorite pub for a pint after work tonight. The glory of wireless internet. There are times when Guinness makes all things right, even just a pint, especially when it's served to you by a Brit.

Tonight I sat a couple in a quiet romantic section of the trattoria...clearly this was the second or third date for them based on his slightly jittery glances all over the restaurant. The 'ok, how am I doing?' look. Both were in their early twenties, reasonably dressed but nothing extravagent. The move she was about to make is something I've grown accustomed to in the customer service world: intentional cleavage display.

"Mark. Dangerous cleavage at table careful, don't stare. Maria knows what I'm talking about."
"What do I know about?"
"Girls showing things off to waiters."
"Was she modestly dressed except for the top?"
"Did she give you the 'cleavage-lean'?"
"Did she make sure the boyfriend didn't see her showing off?"
"Then she was saying, 'Boy, you best look because this is a special occasion and these aren't normally on display. I'm trying to make sure I've still got it.'"
"Yes, this is something I'm learning as I go here."
"Did you look?"
"Of course not. I am a professional."
"Did she try harder?"
"Of course...and then I walked away."
"Good man."

Mark is in his early twenties and has a thing for the ladies. He's not a bad looking guy, but he has a tendancy to stare. He wandered over to their table muttering, "82...don't stare...don't stare."

Now this conversation/situation spurred a conversation with a friend of mine sitting next to me at said pub. I have mentioned previously that men have the urge to hit on their waitresses for certain reasons. What has come up tonight is the women also feel the urge to hit on their waiters, but the reasons are different.

From polling several women this evening as well as digging into the depths of my personal femininity (albeit small), we have come to the conclusion that at heart, women want a man who will fulfill all her needs. A man who will pamper her. A man who will let her kick back and relax, taking care of her completely. While these are things I've always known, for some reason it had not occurred to me that it came fully into play inside the restaurant setting.

Does this mean I'll change how I approach patrons and tables from now on? No. Does it mean I may milk it for all its worth working the tips angle? Probably.


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