Wednesday, August 22, 2007 by Ospite.
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It's been ages, I'm aware.

My brother and I took a roadtrip and I got home literally 5 hours ago. Where, you ask?

We've talked about a cross-country trip for quite some time now and realized that this is our shot, this we made it happen. Prior to this trip, I'd visited 44 states and we tallied up to a total of 46!

Snagging my sister's brand new car, we set out for San Francisco, from New York. 50 hours and little sleep later, we drove across the Bay Bridge and set eyes on what is now my favorite city in the world (that I've visited anyways, and that's a lot).

San Francisco was downright fabulous and I might just have to apply to a grad school there for vocal performance. It's elite, and completely worth the application fee just thinking I could live there.

After San Fran, we meandered our way up the West Coast to Seattle, visiting Pike's Public Market for it's 100th birthday.

Being so close, and having never actually been there, we decided to keep going North to Vancouver, BC. A city which made its way onto my list of top 10 Cities Visited. There my friend met us and acted as a tour guide, showing us the best beer, salmon, and ice cream in Vancouver, as well as the best photo-ops.

So we trekked back across the states, dropped off my sister's car in Philly, and drove home in my bro's Jeep.

As soon as I hit home I popped into the Bistro to touch base with Topher about goings on. So we stepped outside while he lit up a cig.

"So how've things been while I was away?"

"Actually, they've been...well...slow, at best."

"That sucks... You're in the red, aren't you?" looking in the window at the 2 tables...his dinner rush for a Wednesday night.

"...yeah. I can't do this anymore. I'm at a loss. Well, no. Honestly, I have to let you go. I just can make the numbers add up, and I can't even meet rent this month I don't think."

He had the look of a man who's life's work just got run over by a steam roller. I didn't have the heart to tell him that his senior waitresses (and good friends) are quitting tomorrow night after their shifts.

To be continued...
Sunday, August 05, 2007 by Ospite.
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The Bistro groove has been fabulous. Topher reached a point where he realized I'm worth having around. Thursdays, I wander in between 4 and 430 and he takes off by 5, and the Bistro is mine for the rest of the night. I tend to run the show on Saturdays also.

Fridays we have two live bands (6-8 and then 9-11) so I stick around long enough to set up both bands and take off halfway through band 2's set.

Wednesday through Friday I work lunches at the Trattoria making some extra cash.

All in all the schedule is wonderful, the money's good, and we're all having fun. That is, until the air conditioner kicked the bucket at the Bistro...

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I am not in the restaurant business, I am in the people business. I use every opportunity to people watch, because to me, even the most mundane is fascinating.

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