Thursday, April 06, 2006 by Ospite.

You never know who's going to walk through the door on a weekday. We always have the PowerLunchers who require the ultimate in speedy performance. We also have the women who dedicate their afternoons to annoying my wait staff for hours on end. We have the people who assume we can make room and time for business lunches of 15 or more and serve them promptly enough to get out in time for their 2pm meetings. My favorites are usually the college students who are blowing off an afternoon class.

Late lunch shift the other day. I have only three servers on the floor and I'm in charge of the floor for several hours. Two early-20-something goth girls walk in. I can tell they're going to be fun from the moment the door swings open. They have two more people in tow.

Me. "We have 4 today?"
Girl 1: "We have 79."
M: "79...hmm. You could sit outside, but I can't guarantee a waitress will get to you."

We have no outdoor seating area.

Girl 2: "You have a wonderful coif."
G1: "She would know, she's in beauty school. And your tie is fabulous, by the way."
G2: "She would know, she's a designer."
M: "Thank you. I bought this tie in Florence."
G1: "Oooooh. So you travel."
M: "Yes, quite a bit."
G2: "Do only Italians work here?"
M: "No, anyone can work here."
G1: "Are you Italian?"
M: "Not remotely."
G2: "What are you?"
M: "I'm of British and Czech heritage."
G1: "hmm...Do you have a girlfriend?"
M: "I have a wife."
G1: "..Are you looking for a couple of things on the side?"
M: "No thanks. I appreciate the offer though."


Blogger Logical Philosopher said...

For all the bad things that people say about working in the service industry, the flip side has so much potential as well.

I like your site, I'll be back!

12:06 AM  
Blogger Arhyarion said...

mmm. nymphs...

4:18 AM  

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