Thursday, March 30, 2006 by Ospite.

Tonight was one of those nights that you don't see coming. A Thursday rush that nearly crashes our line, pisses off customers because everyone had the idea of a quiet Thursday night out. I was understaffed by almost a third of my floor and we had reservations out the wazzoo. On top of that, I was training a new host tonight.

We got hit early, about 5:30pm. That's about an hour earlier than usual for our place. Word of advice: If a restaurant takes reservations, book it. If they don't, call ahead and see how long the wait is. Don't randomly walk into a place and be pissed that they're making you wait 45 minutes for a table. On that note, always expect at least a 30 minute wait.

During the hubbub tonight, there was a beacon in the dreary eve. She was maybe 22. Tall, thin, overly attractive. You know that kind of girl that's trying to convince the world she's a supermodel. The kind of person you can tell gets her way because of her looks and pissy attitude. It wasn't her appearance that was the beacon, but the words that formed in her mouth without attaching to her brain first that were so horribly delightful.

Dre was waiting on this oppressively perfect girl and her boyfriend tonight. As I pass the table I hear:

Dre- "Would you prefer soup or salad with that?"
Girl- "Hmm. What's the Supersalad?"
Dre- "Um. You can have either salad or soup with that entrée."
Girl- "Yuh, I heard...but what's the Supersalad."
The Boyfriend (without skipping a beat or looking up from the menu)- "It's a really big salad with like everyting on it. It's a meal in itself. But don't get it, it's like $20."

Dre tried not to burst out laughing and I had to walk away because I almost wet my pants. Needless to say, I have a feeling I might dream of Giant Salads fighting evil while I sleep tonight.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

*I* almost peed myself reading this post. *sigh* Thanks for the awesome laugh!

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