Tuesday, May 30, 2006 by Ospite.

As I've mentioned a couple posts ago, the wave of applicants has been more than steady. It's been almost military. 90% of them go into the "No" pile.

I was standing relatively near the front this afternoon when 5 men of hispanic heritage open the door halfway and peer in. The leader of the group stepped inside, leaving the door partly open so the other four could stand there with shulders and feet inside.

In a thick accent - "Are you takin applications?"
"Yes, would you like one?"

He turned and waived to the Four who snuck in as if they were crossing border patrol at midnight. They huddle behind the leader saying not a word, nervous eyes flashing around the restaurant. The comedic presentation was difficult to not laugh at. They all piled around the Leader as he passed out the applications, giving them directions in Spanish.

My boss walked by and exclaimed, "Make sure I get those apps. right away."

Now, some of you are thinking, this racial profiling is horrible. Let me inform you otherwise. I have yet to meet a Central American I didn't like. They are kind, respecful, and competative in their work ethic. They are tremendous employees. They are willing to work long hours and put the restaurant very high on their priority list. Why? Because they understand something we Americans take for granted; work. We tend to work to get rich. They tend to work to put food on the table...in this case literally. They understand and appreciate that hard work pays off, and getting your hands a little dirty has a good amount of dignity in it.

So here's to you, my nervous Applicants. I hope to see you soon.


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