Friday, November 24, 2006 by Ospite.

Sick and tired. Not the phrase, but actually suffering from both. All last week I was trying to figure out my ailments. I never get sick for long, only a matter of days. Usually 4 or 5. So rather than shell out for a bloody doctor visit I decided to wait it out. On top of that, I had to call in sick for several days straight. Immediately following, my wife and I meandered to Harrisburg and Philly for assorted parties.

Monday. Double shift at the trattoria. Tuesday, flight to sister-in-law's for Thanksgiving.

Let me tell you that spending Thanksgiving in the home of two professional chefs requires that you bring a good pair of stretchy pants. The spread for the turkey day was exquisite.

Tomorrow, it's away from traditional American fare, to tradition Italian. Due to the horrid amount of consumerism that takes place this weekend, I pretty much guarantee some quality updates here.


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