Thursday, October 19, 2006 by Ospite.

"I think this is the only time I'll ever say this Gwen, but I'm extremely envious of the 8top of flamboyant homosexuals you're about to get."

"What?! You're married!"

"I'm giving you an 8top. All remarkably well dressed and in excedingly good moods."

"So why are you envious?"

"Because when gay guys are out for a night on the town, they are a friggin riot. I love them. And they tip with gusto."

"Ooooh. That's good to hear."

I'm filling in for our head host while he's visitng family in DC, so I take the 8 very chatty guys to Gwen's table. Hugo Boss, D&G, Armani, it's everywhere. Hair that couldn't be more perfect if it came from a salon. And the smells. I have to admit, it was the best smelling table I've ever seen. And curious thing is, that of the 4 distinct colognes I perceived, they all complimented each other and weren't overpowering in the least. Mind boggling.

Yes, I enjoy our homosexual diners. As I stated to Gwen, they tend to have a lot of fun when they're out and about and they spend money. Let me tell you that it's refreshing to see big smiles and dramatic expressions from a table throughout the meal.

Now it may seem as though I'm stereotyping here. And I am. I have yet to have a table of gay men that wasn't fabulous. Nor have I seen a party including homosexuals walk through our doors that hasn't ended in a really good tip. Or at least a solid 20%. So this is a stereotype I enjoy making and one that I think uplifts the gay community.

So as the night went on, I aided Gwen in her many trips to the table, making sure their dining experience was all it could be. After they were gone, I pulled her aside. "So? How was it?" "30%!! You were so right." "See, finally a people group that enters with a positive flare." "Ha. Flare."


Anonymous Amy said...

"Because when gay guys are out for a night on the town, they are a friggin riot. I love them."

Hee...I keep trying to convince the husband that I need my group of gay men so I can go have some fun. Er...I mean...oh, you know what I mean... :-)

8:02 AM  
Blogger Alan said...

The stereotype seems to hold. I know that when I go out with a group of friends, we tend to be a bit loud, but in a fun way - and 30% seems about right.

We love our waitpeople when they join in the fun, too. :)

10:16 AM  
Anonymous Lanti said...

I have to agree, I work in an upscale bistro and we have a lot of gay clientele. I'd stay late or take an 8 top on top of my 20 other tables if it meant getting to serve them.
They tip mind blowing well and they are always a pleasure!
Stereotypical, yes but who cares it's a positive stereotype!

8:26 AM  

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