Sunday, March 18, 2007 by Ospite.

As expected, I worked the dreaded double shift on St. Patrick's Day, the king of all drinking holidays.

Many of our staff had toyed with the schedule to hit certain pubs in town that started Guinness at 25 cents/pint at 10am. It pays to be hammered by noon.

The rest of us sucked it up and worked what we knew to be a slow day. When I cleaned off my car of snow on my way in, I realized it would be far worse than we expected. After our warm streak, no one wanted to venture out in the biting wind and one except those at the parade. But then again, I'm sure they were amptly fueled by the Jameson at that time of morning.

The flow of the day was slow but steady. I had a 3top of late 50s women who were a total blast.

"I was going to write down her number for you, but she said 'No no! He's married!' so I refrained."

"Probably wise. I am, and my wife would have hunted you down." Which of course got raucous laughter. They tipped my about 35%.

The majority of my tables all day were regulars, which was good because most repeat customers at my trattoria tip above average. That part too was nice because we did about 1/3 what we'd normally do in business for a Saturday.

I got "hacked and slashed" from the floor roughly 2hrs earlier than normal and listened to my voicemails.

1. My wife was hanging with a bunch of friends and wouldn't be home anytime soon.
2. A friend of mine was down from Canada to drink with us... I ran home, showered, and ran to a friend's house for much consuming of Jameson, Bailey's, Strongbow, Guinness, and combinations for bites and carbombs, and also the ritual viewing of Boondock Saints. Many thanks to The Renee for reheating her fabulous corned beef and cabbage so I didn't miss it this year!

Needless to say, I found a pillow for the couch and wandered home in the morning.


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