Tuesday, February 27, 2007 by Ospite.

This is post number 100. Not bad considering there are 52 weeks in a year and I've been blogging here for just over that.

But something is happening in the Trattoria. We've been attempting to put our fingers on it, but can't quite seem to nail it down.

The managers have constantly been nagging us to get off the clock as soon as possible, sending people home who cost them too much to have on the floor/line, and in general complaining that it's so slow that labor costs are killing them.

Now, we're here to make money, so getting a shift cut short is ridiculous, especially when customers are barely creeping through the door.

Thursday I decided to go back to my roots and switch shifts with one of the hosts. At this point in time, I wanted to get out early, hang out with the wife, and see a friend play a nearby coffeehouse. He gladly obliged and was hoping to make more money on the floor than at the podium.

To everyone's surprise, we were packed that night. The rush started early and wouldn't let up. Normally you'd applaud and be happy for the waiters. This was not the case. Due to the management's bizarre frame of mind, they had seriously inderstaffed the entire restaurant. All afternoon, they kept only one chef on, meaning he had to both prep the kitchen for dinner as well as cook anything that was ordered during his shift; thus requiring him to be two places at one time. Naturally he chose to cook for immediate patrons as opposed to prepping for future ones.

So short handed in the kitchen, in the Pit (dish), and on the floor, we were all screwed.

The one manager present ended up washing dishes for 45 minutes while he waited for 1 of 2 dishboys scheduled. Only one showed. I called servers in early to man the floor. The chef's were pulling more than their own weight. The service was slow, sloppy, and pathetic. Ticket times went through the roof, dishes were shabby. Waiters were exausted from trying to pick up too much slack. This always effects the customers' interpretations of how the restaurant is run. For once, those who complained incessantly...were right.

Friday too, was rough. Saturday wasn't quite as bad, but Sunday and Monday again became loathsome. What is happening to a management that I once looked up to?


Blogger jali said...


I read your blog pretty regularly and I hope you don't mind that I posted a copy of the great menu for the trilogy party on my weblog. I (of course) included a link to your page. I LOVE it!

5:37 AM  
Anonymous Small Biz Consultant said...

This is the behavior of a business that is going under, owners need to cut costs, in doing so they cut service and quality which will quickly lead to deterioration of revenue, which leads to locked doors. Before you are competing with your co-workers for jobs at other nearby establishments you better start looking....If you don't want to face that suggest several of the senior staff call a meeting with management/ownership to express concerns with what is happening and willingness to get through tough times but want honesty as to the plan and what is happening. Good luck.

10:19 AM  

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