Wednesday, December 27, 2006 by Ospite.

She comes in with friends all the time. A stay-at-home wife married to a ridiculously wealthy man. Middle age. Very well-kept body. The gravity-defying body of a 20 year old. As if someone once told her she didn't actually have to age. Huge rock on her finger, as if someone once told the guy that if the diamond was large enough, love didn't matter.

"So, my friend here and I are going on a cruise in February."
"Yeah, sounds nice. Where to?"
"I love Mexico."
"Oh, you should totally come. You can bring your guitar and serenade us."
"That would be a total blast, but I think my wife would have an issue with it."
"Why tell her? I bought new lingerie or this trip." she flashed a wicked grin.
"Yeah, Victoria's Secret has gret sales this time of year." I may be married, but there're tips involved here.
"Victoria's Secret? Honey. Gucci. The things I could teach you."
"I don't doubt it."
"Well, I'm in here enough... you change your mind, you just let me know."

Needless to say, the tip was 50%.


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