Tuesday, October 03, 2006 by Ospite.

"When I'm old I'm going to be mean and sarcastic and scare small children."


"I am. I'll have paid my debt to society. I will act however I choose."

"What brought this up?"

"Table 70. This guy's been bustin my chops all night long, and his wife's doing the same. I asked them if they wanted either fresh ground pepper or perhaps freshly grated parmesan and he said, 'Now you listen to me kid. I want to grate my own damn cheese and put all the pepper on I want. I see you waiters strutting around all cocky, grating cheese like you're a big somebody. Well I want to be special. It's my turn to be cocky. So you bring me the cheese and just leave it right here. I'll watch over it.'"

"I have to visit this table."

"Do it. That's going to be me someday. I'll tell my grandkids all about the tragedies of war. They'll be fascinated..until they lay their cute little heads down at night to sleep, then my stories will sail through their heads: 'So when Fernandez stepped on that mine his torso was blown sky-high. Course his legs were clear gone and we had to drag his bloody, gut-leaking stump to the HMV or we'd be capped too."

"Do whatever you want with your grandchildren but don't tell that story nears guests."

"I don't know...this guy may want to hear it."

I walked back into the kitchen thinking to myself that I'm going to miss that guy when he goes back into active duty next week. I'm just glad he's safe in a bunker being the guy doing the interrogating. Oh the stories he'll have next time I see him...


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