Thursday, October 05, 2006 by Ospite.

Our host staff is dropping like flies. I sadly had very little hand in our last hiring spree, save for one, and it's starting to show. Not that I'm talking myself up, but we recently hired 4 new hosts, only two of which are staying of whom was my recommendation.

Maddy started training with Donna almost three weeks ago. They were hired by one of our managers while we were in a desperate stretch. Donna received a good interview and I had the chance to chat with her briefly. I liked her immediately. Style, grace, poise. She would do well with patrons. Maddy, on the other hand, was hired last minute and was supposed to meet Donna and I for their first training session. I found this out 30 minutes before their arrival. Well, 30 minutes before Donna's arrival. Maddy called and said she'd be a couple minutes late. We waited 15 minutes for her and then started. She showed up 35 minutes into our little session. 50 minutes late for your first day on the job should have been a clue.

She showed up for only one shift. The others she called in and didn't show. She got pulled from the schedule and never requested to be put back on. Two days later she quit.

The other one was a blast of a girl. Young, but vivacious. She had spent a year in Sardinia. On her first day of training, I liked her immediately but she seemed a little too immature. For her, the job just wasn't enough. She became startlingly apathetic after only a couple weeks. The bubbly attitude faded to a blasé mentality that kept her trudging around the floor and only becoming interested when cute guys walked in. She's down to one night a week. "That's what I get for hiring children." said our general manager speaking in hyperbole.

So once again, we start the hiring wave of hosts...hopefully ones that will actually want the job they're applying for.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What does a hosting job pay? Somewhere around minimum wage? It must be hard to find good people to fill a position that has no defined standards beyond having a pulse.

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